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  • Re: Exercise

    My cedar walking stick is made of two types of cedar. The shaft is white cedar. It is holding up very well. The handle is red cedar. It is a much softer wood. It scratches easily. If you are worried about wet weather you might want to consider bamboo. Brazos makes an iron bamboo stick. I have not used...
    Posted to Staying Healthy (Forum) by SgtCedar on Fri, Sep 11 2009
  • Re: Exercise

    I mainly use the hiking staff because I have trouble walking straight. A neurologist once told me I probably could not walk straight to save my life. I have two different sticks for different uses. I have a long hiking staff which comes about up to my arm pit. It is made of dogwood and has the bark on...
    Posted to Staying Healthy (Forum) by SgtCedar on Thu, Sep 10 2009
  • Re: Exercise

    I finally figured out why I was having pain in my knees. I saw the rheumatologist and he confirmed my conclusion. The problem with the arthritis and tendinitis in my knees was walking on concrete sidewalks. I switched to walking in alleys, parking lots, and side streets in residential areas. I also started...
    Posted to Staying Healthy (Forum) by SgtCedar on Tue, Sep 8 2009
  • Re: Exercise

    You are right about up and down steps. My apartment is on the second floor of a ninteenth-century building with a store on the first floor. I often get out of breath walking up the steps but my knees normally only hurt when I go down the loooong steps. I do not know how much weight is taken off the knees...
    Posted to Staying Healthy (Forum) by SgtCedar on Wed, Jun 24 2009
  • Re: Exercise

    I have not needed surgery yet. I am sure it is a matter of time. I am hoping if I can lose enough weight it will take enough strain off the knees to push it way down the road. It is funny in a way that getting a diagnosis of diabetes was needed to motivate me to get my weight under control. My doctor...
    Posted to Staying Healthy (Forum) by SgtCedar on Tue, Jun 23 2009
  • Re: Exercise

    I hurt my knee last Saturday while walking. I had to cut back on my walking. I went from walking at least 2 miles every day to 1 mile Sunday. Today I upped my milage to 1.5 miles. I found my knee stopped hurting as much after about two blocks. I made sure I stayed close to home in case trouble developed...
    Posted to Staying Healthy (Forum) by SgtCedar on Mon, Jun 22 2009
  • Re: Exercise

    For the last month I have walked every day. The last day which I did not walk at least 1.5 miles was May 19th, election day here in Pennsylvania. I was poll watching all day so I was sitting most of the day which made matters even worse. I hurt for a week after that. I swore I would walk rain or shine...
    Posted to Staying Healthy (Forum) by SgtCedar on Thu, Jun 18 2009
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