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  • Sweet Taste in Mouth

    Why is there sweet taste in mouth? Is it a sign of diabetes? Sweet taste in mouth can indeed be seen in patients with diabetes. As we know, diabetes have three typical symptoms, increased thirst, increased hunger and increased urine. Due to high blood sugar, internal secretion becomes out of order, which...
    Posted to Beating Diabetes Burnout (Forum) by ckdsite on Wed, May 2 2012
  • Re: Controlling Diabetes Strategy

    The hemoglobin A1C blood test is my favorite of all type 2 diabetic tests. It doesn't require fasting. It can be done in the doctor's office with a single fingerstick just like a glucose monitor. You get results in six minutes. Best of all, it lets you know how your blood sugar has been doing...
    Posted to Beating Diabetes Burnout (Forum) by ckdsite on Wed, May 2 2012
  • What Causes Leg Cramps in Diabetics

    Many diabetics complain leg cramps that jerk them wide-awake at night. They are rather confused and don’t know how to improve this condition. Now the following will reveal causes of cramps in diabetics so as to help you understand it and take nichetargeting measures. Actually, for diabetics, leg...
    Posted to Beating Diabetes Burnout (Forum) by ckdsite on Fri, Apr 27 2012
  • Immunotherapy to Treat Type 1 Diabetes

    Type 1 Diabetes , also known as insulin-dependent or juvenile-onset diabetes, belongs to an autoimmune disease. In other words, the body innate immune system attacks pancreatic beta cells and kills them. As a result, the pancreas can not produce enough insulin and blood glucose levels continue to be...
    Posted to Staying Healthy (Forum) by ckdsite on Fri, Apr 20 2012
  • Why Diabetes Lead to Renal Damage

    Renal damage caused by diabetes is called diabetic nephropathy, which is a secondary kidney disease which is due to long time diabetes. So realizing it, patients with Diabetes want to know why diabetes leads to renal damage and how to prevent diabetes leading to renal damage. Firstly, Diabetes can make...
    Posted to Taking Charge of Type 2 (Forum) by ckdsite on Sat, Apr 14 2012
  • Alkali Ionized water drops?

    My daughter has been having a hard time keeping her blood sugar level down. I've been conversing with some friends who have diabetes and one of them mentioned a product called Travel Water. It is a stabilized negative ion that apparently helps reduce blood sugar level. Has anyone heard of this? Or...
    Posted to Taking Charge of Type 2 (Forum) by regmichaelson on Thu, Apr 12 2012
  • Exercises Help to Control Diabetes

    Regular exercise is especially beneficial for a person with Diabetes because it can help to get Diabetes controlled. Well then, Howe does exercise help to control Diabetes? Reading the following article and you will get the exact answer. Sometimes, it seems easier to take a pill or even take a shot than...
    Posted to Newly Diagnosed (Forum) by ckdsite on Sun, Apr 8 2012
  • Diabetic Foot in Diabetes

    Diabetic foot is a general term which includes foot pain, serious ulcer in foot and gangrene in the feet. Besides, all these are the result of high blood sugar level combined with damaged nerve system in the lower limbs. The worst result is foot ulcer and amputation for people with diabetic foot. Among...
    Posted to Newly Diagnosed (Forum) by ckdsite on Thu, Apr 5 2012
  • The Blind and Visually Impaired

  • Diabetes Early Diagnosis and Treatment Signifies

    Kidney disease in diabetics is medically called as Diabetic Nephropathy , or Diabetic Kidney Disease. Incidence of kidney disease increases with the prolonging course of diabetes. Prognosis worsens and treatment difficulty increases with the progression of diabetic kidney disease. Thereby, early diagnosis...
    Posted to Newly Diagnosed (Forum) by ckdsite on Mon, Apr 2 2012
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