• Re: Hurt, HURT BEYOND BELIEF...somebody HELP!!!!!!!

    An A1C of 8 is not that bad . Anne you can actually control your diabetes very good if you start now and eat healthy .. exercise .. just letting you know that stress is not good at all it sometimes can raise and lower your blood sugar instantly . Goodluck however with your other problems i wish nothing but the best for you .
    Posted to Coping with Complications (Forum) by IngrySosa on Wed, Dec 15 2010
  • Please help with ddvice on stabalizing an uncontrolled teen !

    Hello , im Ingry Sosa im 16 years old i currently attend High School ... Im having difficulties controling and managing my TYPE.1 diabetes . Its not as easy as it looks .. ive been uncontrolled for the past 2 years i was diagnosed 4 years ago . My A1C IS CURRENTLY 14 Last month it was [ 18 ] In 2010 i have had 10 hospitalizations with [DKA] episodes
    Posted to Type 1 Diabetes (Forum) by IngrySosa on Wed, Dec 15 2010
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