• Re: Diabetic Neurophaty - ReBuilder Treatment System

    How long ago was your brother diagnosed? The pain at night in my feet had been unbearable, and appears to worsen the more "diabetic medications" that I have taken.. before I was diagonised diabetic, I had some tingling in my toes only. By trial and error, I've found an odd cure for the "night-time" pain in my feet, that relieves
    Posted to Beating Diabetes Burnout (Forum) by kitelady on Fri, Dec 17 2010
  • Re: Hurt, HURT BEYOND BELIEF...somebody HELP!!!!!!!

    Compared with my initiation to being diagnosed as diabetic and many people that I have spoken with; Doctors by and large are making diagnosis of "diabetes" with very little information. In one blood test, under less than perfect conditions... my doctor declared me a diabetic, issued a prescription for $300 per month pills and told me that
    Posted to Coping with Complications (Forum) by kitelady on Fri, Dec 17 2010
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