• Re: False Positive - Urine Test

    My poor Melissa, I can imagine what you are going through being accused of drinking when you don't drink. As the article you mentioned finding, says this is a possibility, rest assured that midwives and diabetic teams will always acuse you of doing something wrong. Your sugar must be higher than norm for you to be suffering uti's (i.e. bladder
    Posted to Type 1 Diabetes (Forum) by NatalieG on Sat, Jan 22 2011
  • Lantus - low blood sugars at 3.00 a.m

    Having been a brittle Type 1 Diabetic for 58 years, I am now on Lantus and NovoRapid. I take my Lantus normally before breakfast, together with my Novorapid. I take my Lantus only if I have a high blood sugar, as find that since being on cardiac medication, I cannot tolerate a blood sugar lower than 16 mmol/l . Below 16 I suffer hypoglycaemic symptoms
    Posted to Type 1 Diabetes (Forum) by NatalieG on Fri, Jan 21 2011
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