• Re: What is a good HbA1c for type 1 diabetics

    For a response to this post by Joslin's Chief of Pediatric, Adolescent and Young Adult Section, please see the "Parents" discussion board under "Pediatrics". The posting is entitled "Response to question about A1c goals for young adults."
    Posted to Type 1 Diabetes (Forum) by Georgia_Feuer on Tue, Aug 14 2012
  • Response to question about A1c goals for young adults

    "Thanks for voicing your concerns about your daughter. Diabetes management takes a lot of time and effort. Often, there is a focus on ‘numbers’ – blood glucose numbers, A1c numbers, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. Yet, it is always most important to focus on the person with diabetes, like you are doing for your daughter
    Posted to Parents (Forum) by Georgia_Feuer on Tue, Aug 14 2012
  • Re: blood glucose ranges

    “It’s great that you were able to be seen by your Doctor so quickly. An A1C of 8.5%, along with your symptoms does suggest diabetes (although this test should be repeated to confirm the result.) This means that your body likely is not metabolizing glucose like it should, causing high blood glucose levels. This happens either because of a
    Posted to Teens (Forum) by Georgia_Feuer on Tue, May 10 2011
  • Re: blood glucose ranges

    "The following are normal blood glucose ranges for a person without diabetes: Fasting: less than 100 mg/dl 2 hours after eating: less than 140 It’s great that you are tuned into your body and recognize when something doesn’t feel right, and that you reached out to your track coach about the symptoms you’re feeling. Increased thirst
    Posted to Teens (Forum) by Georgia_Feuer on Mon, May 9 2011
  • Re: Camp Joslin

    We recognize that every parent who sends a child to camp has misgivings about whether anyone who doesn’t know their child can adequately care for him or her. The child with diabetes must live with the burden of being different; of needing constant attention from parents, teachers, coaches, etc. One of the ways that may ease that burden is specialized
    Posted to Parents (Forum) by Georgia_Feuer on Wed, Apr 20 2011
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