• Re: Can't lose weight

    Don't know how old you are or how overweight you are. I am a type 1 and experience similar issues for over 10 years during peri menopause. Gained over 75 pounds and worked my a@#$ off trying to lose. My endocrinologist told me I needed weight loss surgery because some of the other serious health issues I had developed, high blood pressure, high
    Posted to Weight Issues (Forum) by danadoll86 on Thu, Mar 20 2014
  • Re: Weirwolf Syndrome?

    Have you ever considered that the alcohol is playing a roll?? You mentioned that these episodes are often accompanied by wine or vodka. I have been diabetic for over 25 years now and have extreme low blood sugar dementia but nothing with the high blood sugars. Just curioius.
    Posted to Type 1 Diabetes (Forum) by danadoll86 on Thu, Aug 25 2011

    Hello! I am new to these boards, but not to the world of Type 1 Diabetes. I was diagnosed over 25 years ago and have been on my Medtronic Insulin Pump for the past 12 years. Currently using a Paradigm which completely changed my life. My diabetes doesn't define me but it can't be ignored either. So, I am "celebrating" the fact that
    Posted to Type 1 Diabetes (Forum) by danadoll86 on Wed, Aug 24 2011
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