• Re: Actos

    I am on Actos also....have been for 3 years. Have not gained weight with it tho I have read that the tops of the arms is a place that fat is stored for some while on it. It has been keeping my Ha1c in the 6's. Can't help with the insulin question tho...
    Posted to Taking Charge of Type 2 (Forum) by shortie on Thu, Dec 2 2010
  • Re: Donut hole news

    Oh Bill thanks for the info! I was not aware that generic Lipitor was in the near future. I have to go on simvastatin when I go to my doc appt in will cost me 0 copay! But if it does not work, I will return to the generic Lipitor in November 11. Has anyone been told that they health insurance is going up 30% on their policy anniversary
    Posted to Staying Healthy (Forum) by shortie on Sun, Oct 3 2010
  • Re: Friday Funnies 24 September 2010

    Ohhhh Don...this one was a treasure and I will pass it on to my family in an email right now. Thanks for sharing. My mom has dementia and we are trying to get her moved out of the private nursing home she is in and into a hospital based nursing home close by to the one she is in! It is one big political paperwork mess....we just want her to be able
    Posted to Beating Diabetes Burnout (Forum) by shortie on Wed, Sep 29 2010
  • Re: Donut hole news

    Bill , just wondering why u have not changed to the generic simvastatin with a much lower copay...our health plan made us do that! We are not on Medicare yet.
    Posted to Staying Healthy (Forum) by shortie on Wed, Sep 29 2010
  • Re: esophogus spasms after colonoscopy?

    Thanks everyone for the responses. I have not had anymore spasms. I do chew gum regularly. A doctor friend that visited this summer told me that it could be my gall bladder? My body is about back to normal from the test. Yeah it has been 3 months. One area that is not the same is I have bowel movements way to frequently now. It will be a looooong time
    Posted to Coping with Complications (Forum) by shortie on Mon, Sep 6 2010
  • Re: A unique problem?

    Yes what do u mean by a refund?
    Posted to Taking Charge of Type 2 (Forum) by shortie on Thu, Aug 26 2010
  • Re: dining out

    I agree with Spirit here. I rarely ever , if never, eat at fast food places. I call all those listed in other posts here fast food. We eat out less and then eat in more home cooked or even gourmet restaurants when we do. Take home most of the meal for another day.....and when I eat some of my husband's dessert ( 2 forks please) , we walk after the
    Posted to Meal Planning (Forum) by shortie on Tue, Aug 24 2010
  • Re: esophogus spasms after colonoscopy?

    Did anyone read my post? Am I visible? I had another spasm incident yesterday. Just looked at this to see if anyone posted an answer? Helloooo. Help!
    Posted to Coping with Complications (Forum) by shortie on Mon, Aug 2 2010
  • Re: gastric bypass surgery

    I had a post already and doing a search for "diabetes surgery cure" to post internet sites on it, and lost my post....dang it. But if u do a search u will see NBC, CBS and other medical sites stating that hormones in the gut are thought to cause the diabetes, not getting fat. It was on TV on the World news in and weekly news magazines....
    Posted to Feedback (Forum) by shortie on Sat, Jul 10 2010
  • esophogus spasms after colonoscopy?

    Hello All and Happy Summer: I have a question for you all regarding my colonoscopy this was my first and I am 59. No polyps! However the IV meds did not put me to sleep and the dr told them to give me 10 more grams....and then during the scope someone pushed in on my stomace two times hard enough for me to wake and say that hurts! That night
    Posted to Coping with Complications (Forum) by shortie on Thu, Jun 10 2010
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