• Re: Man made global warming

    An article in this weekend's New York Times sums the issue up quite accurately: By NAOMI ORESKES - OCT. 9, 2015 CAMBRIDGE, MASS. — MILLIONS of Americans once wanted to smoke. Then they came to understand how deadly tobacco products were. Tragically, that understanding was long delayed because the tobacco industry worked for decades to hide
    Posted to Beating Diabetes Burnout (Forum) by Tor on Sat, Oct 10 2015
  • Man made global warming

    In the good old days when the Joslin website was the place to be for diabetics wanting to post or answer questions or get involved in discussions, one of the recurring off topic discussions was some members as adamantly opposed to the idea that our climate was changing as the result of our excesses in terms of pollution, and other equally convinced
    Posted to Beating Diabetes Burnout (Forum) by Tor on Fri, Sep 18 2015
  • Re: can alka seltzer lower blood sugar

    This might just be guesswork but I imagine that alka selzer speeds up the digestion and as such might accelerate the removal of blood sugars and carbohydrates from the circulation, thereby possibly resulting in lowered BG levels.
    Posted to Taking Charge of Type 2 (Forum) by Tor on Fri, Sep 18 2015
  • Re: Food list for diabetes

    Based both on my personal experience in managing my type 2 diabetes over 17 years, and what I've read online and in articles, nothing better has come up for diabetics wanting to live healthier, than a Mediterranean style diet. That has also been proven with several blind studies looking at outcomes based on cardiovascular disease. The main foundations
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  • Re: Food list for diabetes

    I would like to add to this discussion that the two most valuable discoveries I made in entire life, lifesavers literally, were the power of activity (walking) immediately after eating and the benefits of limiting carbohydrates to those low on the GI scale. Those two pillars of health allowed me to manage my diabetes without meds or insulin for 16 years
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  • Re: Reverse Dementia

    The thing about these studies is that they show correlation but not necessarily cause and effect. Diabetes is definitely a lifestyle disease, in other words choices we make throughout our life will determine if we develop diabetes type 2, regardless of genes. I have not seen any studies indicating that dementia/alzheimers are linked to similar lifestyle
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  • Re: Food list for diabetes

    There are many theories about the causes of the epidemic rise of diabetics type 2. One is that in the industrialized world, people are increasingly chronically stressed because of recurring financial recessions, television hammering people with ads that insist that you are not really a human if you don't buy this or that piece of garbage, and that
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  • Re: More Diabetes Drugs causing Heart Failure

    I read the article and would take with a pinch of salt the statement that "most doctors prescribe diabetes medications" etc. without considering the diet alternatives. My experience in the 17 years since I was diagnosed is that just about all doctors I've seen - and that includes family doctors as well as endocrinologists - view a proper
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  • Re: Blood Sugar Question

    If you are researching this it is also called the dawn phenomena, which both can impact on post meal blood sugar counts and fasting BG counts if we delay breakfast. Of course, I've heard enough stories to realize that people are different and react differently so our best resource is actually our blood sugar meter. And by the way, whenever I hear
    Posted to Beating Diabetes Burnout (Forum) by Tor on Fri, May 1 2015
  • Re: Blood Sugar Question

    Sometimes starting the day with a very low carb meal like you described can have the same end result as eating a high carb breakfast. That is because the liver detects low levels of glucose in the blood - glucose being the body's preferred source of energy - and responds by releasing part of the stored emergency supply of glucose. This is also often
    Posted to Beating Diabetes Burnout (Forum) by Tor on Thu, Apr 30 2015
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