• Re: Macular Hole

    Oh my goodness, my reply posted from my old account name! Now I have a double identity!
    Posted to Coping with Complications (Forum) by Julie_ on Sat, May 29 2010
  • Re: Macular Hole

    Nancy, It is so nice to read your reply and know I have a friend here! I went back to the retina surgeon for my 2-month checkback this week and he was ecstatic about how well the surgery went. He said it doesn't get any better than the healing that I have according to his high-tech scanner machine. Everything I read says that the macular hole surgery
    Posted to Coping with Complications (Forum) by Julie_ on Sat, May 29 2010
  • Re: Byetta news

    This is distressing news about the Byetta safety label. I wondered when I started taking Symlin if it was too new of a drug to take a chance with. The new information does not seem to affect Symlin, but Symlin has many fewer users than Byetta, so maybe it just hasn't been detected yet in Symlin users. I did just have my kidney function tested since
    Posted to Taking Charge of Type 2 (Forum) by Julie_ on Wed, Nov 4 2009
  • Re: Symlin/amylin

    I've been taking Symlin for several years. I like it because it decreases my appetite, lessens my daily dose of insulin, and does not cause my blood sugar to spike after meals. My last 2 A1cs were very high, and my doctor, who is a very astute guy, suggested it was because of after-meal spikes. I said no when he said it in his office, but after
    Posted to Insulin Pumps (Forum) by Julie_ on Fri, Sep 25 2009
  • Re: High Blood Sugar

    I would verify what John said. When I go over 300, I feel tired - almost the same as I feel when I am around 45-50 - just weary. So only a test tells me whether I am high or low. On the rare occasions when I go over 350, I get a dry mouth and my extremities tingle. Juli
    Posted to Continuous Glucose Monitoring (Forum) by Julie_ on Fri, Sep 18 2009
  • Re: Update on Tor

    Tor, It is good to hear from you. Like everyone else, I am horrified that a nice person like you has had so much pain to deal with. Keep fighting as I know you will, my friend. You will get past this. Julie
    Posted to Beating Diabetes Burnout (Forum) by Julie_ on Mon, Sep 7 2009
  • Re: Health Insurance

    I favor Single Payer health insurance. According to my Congressman, there is no chance at all that this will happen in the near future in the US. We'll get some minor fix that doesn't do much of anything, and the insurance companies will contnue to get rich at the expense of all of us. As long as the rich companies fund political campaigns,
    Posted to Staying Healthy (Forum) by Julie_ on Tue, Aug 11 2009
  • Re: OT- A Voice from Your Recent Past

    Hi gale, i'm glad to hear that things are returning to normal for you, or whatever normal is these days, LOL. It is sure a big change to retire. I am too scared to even think of it, although I knew I should. I am moving next week to another apartment only 2 miles away and even that is scaring me to death. There is something about change that does
    Posted to Beating Diabetes Burnout (Forum) by Julie_ on Tue, Jul 28 2009
  • Re: Young children alone overnight with father who is diabetic

    I am going to try to answer this objectively, but that is hard since I'm afraid I have already taken it personally. I raised a child alone with Type 1 diabetes. I got it when he was 9 months old. Although I have been lucky enough for the past 26 years never to have had to rely on anyone else to treat my lows, I did teach my son to call 911 as soon
    Posted to Feedback (Forum) by Julie_ on Fri, Jun 19 2009
  • Re: Tor

    I also miss Tor. He probably had to go to Norway. I hope his daughter is OK. Yes, Vida is his wife. Julie
    Posted to Beating Diabetes Burnout (Forum) by Julie_ on Thu, Jun 11 2009
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