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    Kat--thanks for the welcome back--a bit off-topic, but what the heck?! I seldom even read these boards any more, never mind posting, because I really hate the navigation layout and so I've pretty much just given up on it-- are you listening, Joslin People ?? As for me, I'm pretty good, all things considered. I remarried last August after being
    Posted to Coping with Complications (Forum) by Mikelbear on Wed, Mar 25 2009
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    Even though you may not be exhibiting all of the classic symptoms of cheirarthropathy, I'd guess this is likely what you are developing. I've dealt with this for over a dozen years now, having begun with symptoms in my early 40s after being T1 since the age of 13--I am now 56, and have been diabetic for 43 years. There is really no effective
    Posted to Coping with Complications (Forum) by Mikelbear on Tue, Mar 24 2009
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    I for one was a long-time member of the previous boards and will probably not be using this new one--I just do not like it at all, sorry. Michael
    Posted to Feedback (Forum) by Mikelbear on Fri, Jan 16 2009
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