• Re: gastric bypass surgery

    First, I will introduce myself. I joined the Joslin boards back in probably 2003, shortly after being diagnosed with Type 2. My diagnosis was given to me by my family doctor on my 50th birthday. Happy freakin' birthday, right? *waving to Tor and any other old timers!* Of COURSE I was overweight! Of COURSE I now had the dreaded trilogy: high blood
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  • Re: Nasty

    Ugh, I had shingles more than several years ago. The bumps appeared on part of my forehead, and Hubster said I looked like a half-breed Romulan. I saw the dr before the bumps erupted into blisters, and got a prescription for Zovirax. I never did get the full, weeping sores, so I missed out on the extreme pain and burning and itching that usually goes
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  • How Now VOW....uh...cow?

    A note to let you know I'm still breathing. And I'm still in California. HOWEVER: Hubster's SS was FINALLY approved, and we started the ball rolling in AZ. My Sister and I have divided up the funds from my Daddy's piggybank, and those will also be used for the AZ improvements. If we can swing it, we'd like to get out there in October
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  • Re: fiber

    Eh eh eh, NMC, don't put words in my mouth. Since I have the Band, I have to be really choosy in my food selections. I have to pick my bites with the most nutritional impact, and I've found that words are pretty....well...empty. So cliché, yet so true. If infants do, as you say, behave differently with their metabolism, then you reallly
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    To NMC: You said "If that sounds odd, look at *** fed infants (this board seems to edit this, if so, I am referring to infants that feed from their mother rather than formula), they also run unusually low blood sugar levels. The reason normally given, is that they are powered by ketones (from the fat in the milk). " I question your reasoning
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  • Re: Hypoglycemic with a meal question

    There's a product on the market called "Ensure Plus" (NOT regular "Ensure"--gotta look for the "Plus") that is higher in calories, which might help you out. I'd also suggest a small snack with the Ensure Plus, like a piece of string cheese. The additional protein and fat may be what you need to keep your BGs steady
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  • Re: fiber

    To NMC: I hope a low-to-no fiber diet continues to work for you. I am glad that it's a viable tool you can use to control your BG. I have been Vegetarian for however-many years now, and before I embarked on that diet, I researched it thoroughly. And I found enough information to support the premise that our digestive tracts are more similar to the
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  • Re: Getting started again (long Post)

    Jen: Nopers, we're still suffering in 80-degree weather in SCal, LOL. Seriously, though, the past three years have been a monumental struggle to hang onto our sanity, especially when our home in SCal foreclosed. But we manage to keep sane with an old maxim we discovered early in our marriage: things always have a way of working out, and usually
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  • Re: I'm HERE!

    Jen: Yup, we're expecting a lump sum back pay. We were first told it would go back to the date on the application (Jan 07). But the letter that Hubster got said that their investigation showed he'd been disabled since Dec 05! And then any contact by the attorney's office to SS has SS saying they don't know anything about this letter
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  • Re: South Beach Diet

    Hi, ABQMom! Hi, Everybody else!! I seem to recall that you used Jenny Craig for a while, ABQMom. See how long it's been since I've been at Joslin (old AND new)! I would imagine that the South Beach Diet is like any other program: you get BORED with it. You are ambushed by something not on the diet. We've ALL been there. I've had a LOT
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