• Re: What is a good HbA1c for type 1 diabetics

    I know it's been a while since you posted but I though I would respond. I have had Diabetes for almost 54 years and all of my young years I heard Brittle which I found out later meant I just didn't understand how to manage my disease. As someone answered earlier your daughter needs more education on how to manage your Diabetes. Why she crashes
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  • Re: Medicare and T1 care

    Jan, Medicare will not pay for Omipod, which you know but one way around would be to get another kind of pump. I am now 70 and have been pumping for 13 year. Also with another type of pump you will be able to get your insulin through your Part B of Medicare that way you won't use most of you Part D allotment for insulin. You're allowed to use
  • Re: Insulin and Medicare

    Carole, I can't suggest a company with the supplement you're looking for because different parts of the country have different plans. But I do have info that will help you to save money. In your Medicare book under Diabetes it tells you that if you have a pump the insulin you use is considered Durable Equipment. In other words you can charge
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  • Re: Insulin and Medicare

    Jen, Medicare will pay if you get Medicare D plan. I know it can be confusing but here's how Medicare works. First you have to have Medicare A, which pays for hospitalization. Then there is Medicare B which is a supplement you have to pay for it pays for doctor co-pays and durable equipment like pump and supplies (that's if you get a good supplement
    Posted to Taking Charge of Type 2 (Forum) by bjkiah on Mon, Sep 20 2010
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