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    The dawn effect applies to everyone- diabetic or not- it is a normal function for your body to provide the glucose needed to get your self up and moving in the morning. When fasting- your body often thinks that it is in trouble - since you have had no food- your liver will supply glucose to your body to keep you going. And since you have no food- your
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    You do have to take into consideration what is referred to as the Pre-Dawn syndrome. It is normally started around 3-4 am and your body begins to 'store' sugars so that you have energy to rise and begin activities in the morning. It is a normal occurrence and all Diabetics must be aware of this. A pump wearer usually adjusts their basil rate
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  • Re: type 1 well controlled periodically not responding to insulin

    I wear a pump also and suffer the same issues as you describe- what I did start to do was watch where I was wearing my infusion set and make notes to refer back to when I hit the issue again. I have not yet solved the problem- but I do avoid certain areas as the tissue does seem to thicken and absorb less insulin. And I have also started to decrease
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  • Re: high sugars hours after work out exercise

    Sandy- I am also an avid exerciser and have had the same issues as you with the astronomical blood sugars that do not go down. Consulting with my doctor- she suggested immediately after exercise, eat a glucose tablet, no matter what your sugar level, then an hour later, eat another. Seems if you trick your body into the habit that glucose will be coming
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  • Re: So has this been a cold or the pig flu???

    My daughter was diagnosed with the swine flu- her symptoms were unbelievable-- she came home from school not feeling well and had a stuffy nose. Within 2 hours she developed a horrible cough, a fever of 103 and she said she thought her head was going to explode! She was in the hospital within 3 hours. Fever up to 104! And there is nothing you can do
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  • Re: Lunch at Olive Garden

    CONGRATULATIONS!! You are doing great! Now you need to go talk to some other diabetics that could benefit from your success!! And thanks for the news about the Olive Garden meal!
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  • Re: Just Started on the Insulin Pump

    Your Pump rep should be able to point you to a Paren't support groups for pumps with children. But the POLO group- aa part of the JDRF (juvnile diabetes founddation) has wondeful support groups. I am sure you are talking with your doctor- but as a pump user- you need to test more often- and test at regular time and chart all of your results. I found
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  • Re: So confused

    I believe that you can request the carbohydrates for the hot lunches from the board of education. They can give you a list of carbs for 'typical' meals and you can plan for that. There is also a great carb counting book, put out by Calorie King: 2009 CalorieKing Calorie, Fat and Carbohydrate Counter. This is really a great -small book that has
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  • Re: High Bood Sugar and Body Aches

    Make sure you are drinking enough water. High sugars will dehydrate you very fast which may be a reason why you feel achy. Water seems to help- not tea or coffee or sodas, but pure water.
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    You need to remember that not just eating affects your blood sugars, stress plays a big part! I have figured out that if I have 'emotional' or personal nervous stress, my sugars tend to drop, but if I have work stress- over anxiousness or like anger stress, my sugars run high. I find that when my sugars have a tendency to rise, I take a breif
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