• Re: Organ Donation

    Just heard about this board when I got the latest update letter on the 50 year medalist study. I'm at 55 years with no complications to date. I was amazed to see one person is about to get the 80 year award. I've got a way to go for that one!
    Posted to Organ Donation and NDRI (Forum) by gloriasmead on Sat, Apr 7 2012
  • Re: Surgery and Pumping

    I have had several minor surgeries and I've always kept my pump on me. I have been told most of the time by the "professionals" to cut my insulin in half but I know better. When I am under stress - waiting to get it over with - my glucose goes high so I never change the basal rate before going in. As with some of the other members I have
    Posted to Insulin Pumps (Forum) by gloriasmead on Sat, Apr 7 2012
  • Pinellas County

    Is there anyone inthe 50 year study who lives in Pinellas County, Florida? I just joined the online group when I got my latest update letter on the study.
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