• how to deal with diabetic nephropathy with high creatinine levels

    diabetic nephropathy is a complication of diabetes which is the leading cause of dialysis in a lot of countries. It is serious because it fast develop. If untreated, it may develop into end-stage renal disease in several months. Therefore, it is crucial to treat diabetic nephropathy with effective therapy. besides the conventional therapies, here are
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  • if you are newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes

    type 1 diabetes can occur at any age but it is much common in children and young people. People with type 1 diabetes have to use inusulin for the rest of life to reduce blood sugar. However, with the regenerative medicine developing, stem cells transplant have been proved that they can produce insulin-producing cells which increases the production of
    Posted to Newly Diagnosed (Forum) by maylee on Fri, May 4 2012
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