• Re: Working with a 16 year old who hates to measure food amounts.

    I feed my teenager, (boy 17) piles of meat and vegtables. (no starches, no sugars in any marinade) A whole plate is 10-20 carbs, maximum. - We have a simple rule. Big Pile Veggies, 15, Small Pile - Assume None. Even with 15, the insulin pump covering is minimal. When he is on his own. The only carbs he would eat is a burger bun. That is almost always
    Posted to Teens (Forum) by SPLIT_LIFE on Mon, Aug 27 2012
  • Re: diet plan recommendation questions

    Are there any Doctors at Joslyn who do not subscribe to the " whole grains, low fat dairy" and believe the studies and work by Richard K. Bernstein, MD, author of Diabetes Solution: The Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars? I am looking for a new doctor for my son, 18 who has Type 1. He have better mood and energy and A1C when he
    Posted to Meal Planning (Forum) by SPLIT_LIFE on Mon, Aug 27 2012
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