• Re: out of control

    i wanted to update since its been a little while. im really not doing any better. it has come to the point where i know that i am in serious danger, but continue to avoid change. i refuse to go to Joslin because im afraid of whats going to happen with my A1c and that they might want me to come off the pump. i hate doing my blood sugar, i hate it. its
    Posted to Teens (Forum) by csandner1 on Tue, May 4 2010
  • out of control

    I'm a 19 year old college student in the Boston area. I've had diabetes since i was 6, and was doing well until a few years ago. i went on the minimed pump when i was 15, and did well in the beginning. then my mom got cancer and my dad left. i was depressed. originally, i stopped checking blood sugar and bolusing insulin as a suicide plan. i
    Posted to Teens (Forum) by csandner1 on Mon, Mar 15 2010
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