• Re: Looking for eye specialist referral in NYC

    I was a patient at the Naomi Berrie Center at Columbia U when I lived in NYC. Daniel Casper, M.D., PhD was the physician that examined my eyes. I've never needed anything more than the annual eye exam, so I can't comment on what happens when you're diagnosed with eye damage. However, he knew his stuff and the Naomi Berrie Center was great
    Posted to Type 1 Diabetes (Forum) by rkwalton on Sat, Apr 19 2014
  • Comedy of Errors: Insulin pump failure (x2) and UPS failure

    It's rare that I get this upset over something that can easily go wrong like a package delivery. However, this concerns Medtronic doing the best they can to get me a working insulin pump after mine died on Monday. I finally got a working pump reattached on Thursday afternoon. However, between UPS simply being frustratingly bureaucratic and the first
    Posted to Insulin Pumps (Forum) by rkwalton on Fri, Jun 17 2011
  • Re: losing muscle control during lows

    I'm getting to that stage of diabetes, that it's happening to me too. The first time I don't think I could move. Unfortunately, I passed out for awhile and, in the interest of full disclosure and TMI, lost control of my bladder . Eventually, woke up and crawled to the fridge. My cat was freaked out too, but did her best . I had another bad
    Posted to Type 1 Diabetes (Forum) by rkwalton on Sun, Mar 21 2010
  • Re: Traveling

    Diabetes and travel aren't mutually exclusive. I lived abroad for 8 years and had a pump for the last few years I lived abroad. Basically, remember to shift your basals for the time zone you're in. Also, make sure to test frequently and adjust your insulin. Most likely, you're going to be a lot more active with just walking around and playing
    Posted to Type 1 Diabetes (Forum) by rkwalton on Sun, Mar 21 2010
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