• Re: out of control

    You are half way there in recognizing there is a problem. One issue is that the high sugars indicate that your brain is not getting enough glucose or fuel-- this leads to more depressed feelings. Would a short hospital stay be something you would consider? I don't think that any competent MD would take you off your pump when you are getting insulin
    Posted to Teens (Forum) by cher on Wed, May 5 2010
  • Type 1 diabetes and cancer treatment

    Hello, I'm Cher I have had type I diabetes for 43 years and doing well with it. I am scientifically trained as a medial technologist and worked in the hospital chemistry lab for 18 years. I went back to school and became a speech therapist. My blog ging is hopefully to inform others and get ideas. I was diagnosed with stage I breast cancer in january
    Posted to Feedback (Forum) by cher on Mon, May 3 2010
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