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  • Re: Hurt, HURT BEYOND BELIEF...somebody HELP!!!!!!!

    Compared with my initiation to being diagnosed as diabetic and many people that I have spoken with; Doctors by and large are making diagnosis of "diabetes" with very little information. In one blood test, under less than perfect conditions... my doctor declared me a diabetic, issued a prescription...
    Posted to Coping with Complications by kitelady on Fri, Dec 17 2010
  • Re: disoriented

    Hi there, This is the kind of problem that can be hard to pin down. Problem is that you took a single reading, but don't know what your blood sugar was doing for the previous hour or two. I've always experienced lows as more severe if the rate of fall is more: coasting smoothly into a low isn't...
    Posted to Coping with Complications by Barbara Erwin-McGuire on Thu, Feb 18 2010
  • Re: disoriented

    Caroloca, I've been a diabetic since 89 and know what you are going through. First there is nothing wrong with your brain. Disorientation / body reactions are common (unfortunately) when a low sugar event happens. I have a couple of insulin reactions in which even easy tasks like drinking juice to...
    Posted to Coping with Complications by JohnM on Thu, Feb 18 2010