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  • Can Diabetic Kidney Disease Patients Drink Alcohol(Wine)

    Can diabetic kidney disease patients drink alcohol (wine)? Besides treatment, diabetic kidney disease patients also care about the food which they should take in to assist the treatment. Generally, they are forbidden to drink alcohol or wine. Firstly, liver is used to detoxify what we take in, which...
    Posted to Insulin Pumps by ckdsite on Sat, Jun 2 2012
  • Re: high sugars hours after work out exercise

    I have been insulin dependent for 40 years, but do not know the answer. Two things cross my mind an my comments are based on some researc and guesses. I have always noticed that my blood sugars climb after exercise, however this is immeadiately after. My thoughts are: Stress causes an increase in blood...
    Posted to Insulin Pumps by StanN on Thu, Apr 8 2010